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At the moment, this is the band's last recorded studio album.

DakhaBrakha, a Ukrainian ethno-chaos band, released their sixth studio album, Alambari, on March 27, 2020. The album was a departure from their previous conceptual album, Shliakh, and was met with critical acclaim. Critics praised the album's eclectic mix of genres and its experimental sound.

1. Dostochka 7:32
2. Vynnaya Ya 6:15
3. Khyma 7:07
4. Sonnet 5:58
5. Torokh 5:05
6. Lado 4:08
7. Im Tanzen Liebe 5:51
8. Ya Siv Ne V Toy Litak 9:03
9. Alambari 10:57

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Customer Reviews

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Olivier Deslandes


Danny B
Good music

I loved Lado from the start (the energy in that song is amazing) and am starting to appreciate the other songs too.

William Cummings
Wonderful Music!

Dakha Brakha is great music and a world treasure! They offer a sound unlike any other, but beautiful in its own right. In Alambari, they take a turn more toward jazz and theater--a wonderful complement to the Dakha Braka CDs I already have. Keep making good music, and I will keep buying it!

Kim Anderson

Alambari CD