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Shlyakh CD (Шлях)


Shlyakh is the sixth studio album by the ethno-chaos band DakhaBrakha,

released on March 27, 2020. Following the widespread recognition and popularity of their previous album, "Shlyakh," the band departed from its conceptualization and recorded a highly eclectic album, which was also highly acclaimed by critics.

The album features 12 songs that represent various genres, including ethno-chaos, folk, and electronic music. The lyrics of the songs are written in Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar, English, German, and Russian.

Shlyakh is an album about both physical and spiritual journey. It is an album about self-discovery, encountering other cultures, and searching for a common denominator that unites all people.

The album was positively reviewed by critics, who praised its eclectic music, powerful lyrics, and strong performance skills. Shlyakh is an important album that will make you reflect on your place in the world and what truly matters in life.

1. Landslide (Заміжний)
2. Monakh (Монах)
3. Rise (Встаю)
4. Vidletila (Відлетіла)
5. Vatra (Ватра)
6. Karpatskyi Krai (Карпатський край)
7. Yasena (Ясена)
8. Perebyvanie (Перебування)
9. Stariy" (Старий)
10. Moye Misto (Моє місто)
11. Kotyky" (Котики)
12. Soul (Сушл)

by Dakh Records

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A road to a deep complexe land full of rhythm

Shlyakh (the road) leads you to a deep sadness and deep understanding at the same time, a mixture which can have healing effects. I cannot put it in better words. Its is a world for its own. Unfortunately i do not understand ukrainian, luckily the text is translated into english, so I got an idea. But in general the music, the voices, the well set pauses and rhythm means much more than the text, mostly hope! Luckily I bought all four CDs of DakhaBraka at the same time, they are all very good and i cannot tell wich is the best. All four CDs belong to the best in my personal music cosmos, so i cannot write an objective review. This band create superb music!

Paul Debraski
So great to have a physical copy

I love this record and it's nice to have a physical copy to look at the beautiful artwork,

Mark McClellan
Amazing record! A truly unique talented group! Everyone must hear it!

Amazing record! A truly unique talented group! Everyone must hear it!
After seeing Dakha Brahma live I had to have their records! These musicians are amazingly talented and the music lifted me up as never before! Buy this record!